How Car seat heating system works

A car or an automotive with xenon birne installed in it makes a great comfort while going out in chilly nights or travelling distances in cold weather. These systems are none other than a system compiled of electrical circuits that passes current through various resistors to make the seats warm. In this reading we are going to explain the working of car seat heating system.

Role of resistors – The main role played in heating the seats is the resistors that are installed beneath the seats. When the current passes through the resistors, they produce friction which causes the electrical energy to release in the form of heat. The resistors have a property of getting heating instead of conducting the electricity through them. Therefore, they are installed for the heating purpose in heating systems.

The Relay Controller – The relay controller works in trains which helps it to change tracks. The same way the relay installed in the car seat heater system switches the flow of current and modifies to control the heating amount. This relay system switched the power source to a larger one from the smaller amount of source.

Role of thermostat – Thermostat prevents the heating coil to overheat. Without the thermostat the coil would continue to heat and can cause fire and failure of the system. Thermostat sets the temperature of the coil and once the coil reaches the optimum temperature it is automatically turned off by thermostat. Also, once the seat starts to cool off and become enough cool, thermostat trigger the system to turn on once again.

In some vehicle, car seat heater system does not come with the purchase of the vehicle, therefore heated car seats cover can be purchased that are adjustable and provide comfort to the bottom and back of the body.

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